DU: Fifth Semester Results Come as a Shock to Final Year English Students

The final year English literature students at Delhi University received their fifth semester’s results after a long delay – first due to the DUTA strikes, which went on for months, and later because of the lockdown. However, the results are as depressing as the current times.

The university declared the results on May 5, but the scores have been unexpectedly causing distress among students across colleges. Final year students, who wish to pursue higher studies after college, have been trying to maintain a good CGPA (cumulative grade point average). But there seem to be many discrepancies in the way the results have been announced.

The evaluation of copies had already delayed for over four months and the results were then announced out of the blue.

Students more or less got similar scores with minimal variation – something which usually doesn’t happen. In one college, a majority of students in one batch have scored CGPA seven while only a few scored six. Not even a single student has got a grade point above seven, which is strange because it isn’t an unachievable feat.

The final year students from other departments like journalism and history have also spoken of similar experiences.

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Students are wondering if their answer sheets have actually been evaluated, as there were a lot of unchecked copies before the Centre announced a nationwide lockdown. And if there was no time to check the answer sheets, the university could have followed the MHRD guidelines which clearly states that the final results can be evaluated on the basis of students’ internal assessment and final score of the previous semester.

But none of that happened. Instead, students received an average score – irrespective of how they performed individually.

Hence, students are trying to find different ways to register their dissent against suspected discrepancies in the final results. As of now, the only option they are left with is re-evaluation, which in itself is an expensive and time-consuming process as one paper costs around Rs 1,000 and the university takes around six to eight months to release the re-evaluated papers.

More so, a lot of students who have applied for re-evaluation in the past received their third semester results in the fifth semester.

In such a scenario, if final year students apply for the same, it is possible that they won’t be able to apply for higher studies on time.

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