A Game Of Chess

There was a game of chess
between Life and Death,
where Death, in all its glory
was prepared,
for the fiercest battle
with a much benevolent Life,
which was ignorant of the affliction yet to come
and thought,
could win over Death through munificence.
Life made the first move,
lifting its tiny pawn
amidst the vastness
of the monochrome landscape.

But Death,
who was not a guest
to this game,
took out the dreaded and fierce knight,
which rode dauntlessly
against the winds of time,
only to behead the meek and mild pawn
with terrifying force.

Years passed by
but the game went on.
As the hands of the clock went tick
Death got control over the whip.
But Life did not surrender,
pawns were slaughtered,
bishops were massacred,
hopes were crushed,
and Death approaching victory
like never before.

But Life stood and assembled
the torn and fragile pieces
that remained in the barren land.
Finally Death confronted the King,
the wise skipper of Life.
Death asked for surrender,
to which the King politely replied,
“O Death, good ol’ Death,
now that you’ve come for me,
I won’t hide.
You’ve given me the reason to fight,
you’ve given me the reason to breathe,
you’ve given me the reason to
make my sweat and blood count.
Now that I’ve served my purpose,
now that I’ve witnessed the only fight there is,
now that you’ve come for me,
I won’t shy.”

Engulfed by doubt and hesitation,
Death took its bloody sword
and pierced it gently into the soul of Life
remaining undefeated in this game of chess.
But it was in its very victory,
thought Death,
that Life derived a meaning,
exhibited an act of rebellion,
gave the definition of existence itself,
and stood against the vicious passing of time,
only to be remembered by its conqueror, Death.
There was a game of chess…

Shrey Verma is an undergraduate student living in New Delhi.

Featured image credit: FelixMittermeier/Pixabay