A Letter To Rain

to rain,
to rain that gives
and to rain that takes.

the coffee is already
brewing in the crimson pot,
lulled by Nusrat ji and his romantics
it rises and falls, imitating every timbre.
the bougainville in the balcony
are evidently gay.
every colour perceivable
paints the moody sky
in pictures that will stain the eyes.
“don’t let the cutlets burn,
like last time”, madam yells.
“after this eventful week
the saturday is all mine”,
sahab thinks out loud.
two droplets find their way
on The Hindu in his hands,
magnifying a headline,
‘8 dead in the torrent, 2 missing’.
he brushes off the drops,
along with his guilt.
he had given his fair share,
a 10 rupee coin, to the girl at the red light.

how do i hate you,
how do i not?
to rain that gives,
and to rain that takes–
dip your scales straight,
then we shall talk.

Hanzala Mojibi is a Post Graduation Literature student of Ambedkar University Delhi, having been at the forefront of all the protests against CAA-NRC. Political and social issues charge his writings as he wishes to make a mark on people’s minds on contemporary issues. On a lighter note, an aspiring modern polymath, he loves writing, photography, painting, football, sketching, and getting to know random bits of knowledge that will never come to use in his lifetime.

Featured image: Frame Harirak / Unsplash