A Non-‘Offensive’ Ad Script For an Ointment

A woman
A man
A young man
Wakes up in the morning
And makes tea
Asks the woman
To make tea
For him.

The woman
Is tired
Agrees to make one
And accidentally
Pours the steaming hot water
On her hand
She is tired
She screams
And cries for help
The man comes running
To the kitchen
Blames the woman for
Doing things wrong
‘Where are you lost?’, the man says.

The man then makes the tea
Orders a cup of tea,
And reads the newspaper,
Checks WhatsApp,
He laughs at a joke his friend
Copy-pasted from Facebook
sent: “One day, a woman was breathing…”
And then,
For a second, he realises breathing is normal,
And there is nothing funny about it.
Why am I laughing?, he thinks
He forwards the message
To five people
(including the woman).
All of them laugh
Not the woman.

Meanwhile, the woman applies an ointment
On her burnt hand and
shouts at the man
For sending such an obnoxious message
And deletes the message.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty