Age Is Just a Number

Wake up, get up, to kick start the morning
Lying desiccated won’t help.
Bygone days aren’t gone actually.
You just have to look around
And it will come back giggling.
Age is just a number
Life beckons you.

Do not hesitate
No one can make you a laughing stock but you.
Take a step forward
And laugh back at the world.
Walk, jump, run and dance
As you did in your childhood.
Age is just a number
Life beckons you.

Becoming a mother or grandmother
Cannot stop the child in you.
Progeny takes their place
The new generation has to come
But cannot force the old back
Until you decide to give up.
Age is just a number
Life beckons you.

Blooming bud brings joy
But the flower still spreads the fragrance.
It need not be shed to give space
Each can create its own space
If only it realise its worth.
So be a flower with the bud on the same branch.
Age is just a number
Life beckons you.

Zahra Ahmad is pursuing MA English from Patna Women’s College(Autonomous). She authored ‘My Stories’ vol. 1 and II, for primary schools. She has published and presented research papers both at the national and international levels. Her recent publications include poems in Setu Magazine, RIC Journal, Das Literarich and research papers in The CriterionMotif, Langlit and Re-Markings. She is an academic editor of the esteemed New Literaria Journal and a reviewer of The Expression: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal.

Featured image:  John Moeses Bauan / Unsplash