Darkness descends upon
the white marble place
alleyways filled with bodies in plastic bags
two men
look beyond the gates of a hospital
in search of their mother
one last glimpse is all they hope for–
they don’t get it.

The bodies
lined up
in new ambulances
are taken to the new crematorium
where a tired employee
burns them
piled one on top of the other.

It is not
a good way to die
nothing ever is
nobody ever knows whether death is pleasant.

Our supreme leader–
loved by millions
hated by none–
talks about his new home
his trimmed white beard
attracts eyeballs
he looks fancy
he looks posh.

Death descends upon
white ceramic tiles
Italian marble
huts made of hay and clay
at bus stops
and even in the temples.

is a new name
for life.

Debottam Saha is a poet and writer, who is currently working on his first novel and has authored the book, ‘Footprints of Chaos’.

Featured image credit: Reuters