‘Amorphous Feelings’: A Poem About Love

For all those who think I’m averse to love,
You are mistaken.
It is my imagination you’ve missed partaking in.
I am all for the feeling of butterflies that flutter.

As he walks past me,
I go weak in the knee!
My blood defies gravity,
Deafening the words of my sanity.

He is like a warm cup of chai,
Or even a shot of tequila.
Painted with the colours of the summer sky,
Aesthetic like a Spanish villa.

Isolated are my feelings,
Fearful to step out into the spotlight.
Honestly, they aren’t that appealing
That’s just an excuse, because they never felt right.

Falling in love doesn’t come that easy to me,
Because does it even come with a guarantee?
Is it the prejudice in me that’s talking?
Or too much ‘stalking’?

If I were a book, would he read all the pages,
Or realise that there are words best left unread,
And regret the choice he made for ages?
Some things are better if left unsaid.

Suddenly green lights turn into red flags,
Around your neck, you see a price tag.
But I have a bad habit of giving second chances
As sympathy advances.

Life isn’t always the perfect fairy tale.
Passion calls and fate intervenes,
Anxiety the villain always set sail,
Capturing Prince Charming in between.

Now all I do is wait,
As serendipity somewhere awaits.
He’ll be like a corny love poem,
But one with the most thoughtful of words.

Rithu Shebu is a medical student at MOSC Medical College, Kerala.

Featured image:  Casey Horner/Unsplash