Heartache Before Heartbeat

Have you heard their heartbeat?
It beats, it beats, it beats – to no avail.
Racing against the course against time.
Decorated with scorching bullets on the Tundras
In the forgotten land of the Northeast.
Won’t they bleed too?
Won’t they see the sun set before themselves too?
Have you heard their heart beat?
It aches. Maybe it’s the bullets, who knows.
Defamed by those employed within the city to abuse,
As their camouflage effectively hides them.
We stand unknown, still.
Have you ever heard their heartbeat?
The tempos flourish with drumbeats of terror.
The temperature drops to below negative twenty.
We cuddle ourselves with our partners, pets and blankets.
They chuckle. The tea’s not so hot.
Have you heard their heart beat?
When does it stop? When do you think?
What good is honour when they’re fired?
Unemployed, now their family too suffers.
It’s a funny little world, isn’t it children?
As we sit in this classroom, learning about their herd,
Another patriot breathes in peace. Finally.
As we’re burdened with choices around materialism,
We ignore their fallen tags.
It’s a funny little world, isn’t it children?
A– funny– little– world.
Anyway, open your history textbooks to page seventy-eight–
The History of Religion.

Devarya Singhania is a student at The International School Bangalore, in the second year of his pursuit for the IBDP. He is a published poet, and has an Amazon Kindle Bestseller titled Armories and Arsenals. He deterministically intends to pursue watching The Big Bang Theory as a career choice. You can find him on Instagram through the username @iamdevarya.

Featured image: Pixabay