How Many More Battles Are Left?

How many more paths are left for us to take,
Before we get to the other side?

How many more shards are left to pierce the flesh,
Before old wounds heal?

How much more blood needs to be shed,
Before we write our testimony?

How many more blows are we to endure,
Before we realise our existence?

How many more cloaks are we to don,
Before we lay bare our soul?

How many more battles are left,
Before we become revolutionaries?

How many more voices are left,
Before death comes?

How many more chains to be worn,
Before writing ‘azaadi’?

How many more nests are to be burnt,
For igniting the nation,
Before the end comes?

Snobar is an is aspiring writer and lover of truth, freedom, democracy, and books.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty