‘I Used to Be a Desirable Woman’

When there was that striking smile all the time,
And plenty of charm with a tad bit of baggage,
I used to be a desirable woman.
As the reason behind the smile didn’t matter
As charm outshone, and couldn’t suppress the building banter.

When I thought more of freedom and less of shackles,
And spoke more, with meaningless words.
I used to be a desirable woman.
As life by then hadn’t shackled me up in my head
And the words were meaningfully dead.

When I was reckless,
And charmed my way through the crowd.
I used to be a desirable woman.
As the blind crowd that desired a naive soul,
got another decked up doll.

I am now just an exhausted, content woman,
Who only wants to know who she is.
Just another undesirable woman,
Who cannot survive her desires.

Vasundhra Dahiya is a data scientist whose mind is automatically set to think about logic, patterns and analysis. She applies the same to dissect her own thoughts and experiences. 

Featured image credit: David Bruyland/Pixabay