In the Name of God

In the name of God
you befriend
the iron rod.

In the name of God
you brandish a gun
and they applaud.

In the name of God
you choke
other voices
knowing not
yet making choices
for your own children
and generations to come
to bear the burden of your
skewed sense of morality
and your false superiority.

In the name of God
you crush their future
with the inheritance of loss
leaving this world forlorn
hope in tatters
dreams distraught.

In the name of God
you ruin the idea
of all that could have been
if we didn’t fail our children
and taught our kin
to be more human.

In the name of God
you vow to kill
For your understanding
of humanity is nil.

Yashnashree is a freelance writer and poet, with a background in print journalism and digital content marketing. Dogs, tea, books, web-series, road trips, and single malt are some of her favourite things – in that particular order.

Featured image credit: Reuters