Just Another Day

This morning, I was telling a friend on how to cope with anxiety,
When my own palms were sweating,
I wanted to tell her,
How I get nightmares about death,
But you shouldn’t start your sob story,
When you are hearing one.

I go to my mother, I tell her,
I’m not feeling okay. She asks, why?
I tell her
I’m thinking about the past, the loss,
She cuts me short,
As you shouldn’t start your sob story when
Your mother can’t handle it.

So, I go on with my day.
I get a text, a screenshot of a graph,
Of the number of people dying,
I think,
Now is the time to talk about it,
I text them back, I know,
I have lost a loved one too,
But they move on,
Cautioning others.

I get a call,
From a long distance friend,
She asks me, if I have some leads on oxygen,
I frantically call ten others,
Cause I know what breathlessness can do to you, but I don’t tell.
I want to scream or cry.

I read a book on how to deal with it.
It says, talk to people around you,
I laugh,
How can you grieve,
When the whole world is mourning?

Surabhi likes to read and write sometimes. Her Instagram handle is @surabhi.parashar. 

Featured image credit: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay; Editing: LiveWire