Just Like That

“Talk. Cry.
If nothing, at least breathe.”

A smirk. A smile.
A tear in disguise.
It all slipped away,
Like a bottle of wine.

A plucked flower,
A fallen leaf,
A dead cat.
This is a tale of misery.

“We come, we live, we feel.
If nothing, we breathe.
And just like that,
There is an everlasting sleep,
A forever peace.”

God, I wish I could sleep.
I wish I could breathe. And feel.
I can’t.

“Just like that,
Moments come and go,
It is the memory,
We should hold.”

Can someone hold me?
Make me feel,
A little less lonely.

“Numbness is the end of life.”

What a beautiful feeling.
It suffocates me.
While letting me breathe freely

Water. Wine.
My lips are still dry.
My eyes still fixed.
Will this day go to sleep?
Will the night fix me?
Will I ever speak again, freely?


Lakshya Sharma is a rising second year student at Ashoka University. Apart from creative pieces, he writes articles on Gender and Sexuality. He writes under the pen name Skeeter.

Featured image: Roman Denisenko / Unsplash