Let’s Come Together

With fire all around us,
Peril at our door,
Where each breath is now an act of struggle,
I say let’s come together my friends, let’s come together!

Count every lie they told, each fallacy they sold,
Each time you gasped, and the next time even more.
Don’t let it numb you, don’t let it not bother you.
I say to you my friends – let’s come together.

They are strong with deep roots, deeper pockets and hollering hoots,
You may be tired. Sick. Disgusted. Infuriated.
But alone? No more.
I say to you once again my friends – let’s come together.

Don’t lose hope, don’t give up,
Find your inner strength, the lion that roars,
Let that fire fill you, let that fire fuel you,
And with that fire, let’s come together.

The sheep’s skin is now tattered,
The wolf within can be seen up close,
New eyes are opening all around, witnessing the truth that you knew all along,
For the new eyes – can you do me a favour? Let’s come together. Let’s come together.

While you are working hard to save,
Look at them, they’re saving their face,
They are failing at it with utter disgrace,
And you? You demand change.
For that change, let’s come together, let’s come together.

Change is what scares them, new is their fear,
You are right my friend; you know you are.
You keep demanding change.
And for that change – we must be together. We must be together.

Mandar Gupte is currently working with an NGO geared towards education. He tweets at @gupte_mandar and you can find him on Instagram at mandargupte93.

Featured image credit: Annabel_P/ Pixabay