Missing the Cue

Plottable Bermuda Triangle, minus the mystery:
late twenties. Marked by succumbing pairs and,
suitably ironic, predictable ambushes in bland
pleasantries. Questions, insinuations and sophistry
An aunty here, an uncle there with unmatched mastery,
slipping in a, oh, how much longer PhD? Or a similar brand
of STILL not finished? One MORE year? Tsk tsk. How to land
a suspect comment on a closed runway in a hostile territory,
is a speciality of the species: relatives and sundry. Demo
always available. It is only a good book, an unusual film or even just
an older, single woman enjoying her own company that sometimes
ease the noose a bit. Promising. Present. Possible. Pairing-up memo
not received. If battles must be picked, let it be true freedom or bust.
Here goes nothing. Pity, mere existing is transgressing. Modern times!

Carol D’Souza is a tea-drinker and walker.

Featured image: Matt Walsh / Unsplash