I woke up,
mundane as yesterday,
mundane as everyday.

I woke up to a murder
of crows waiting.
With a piercing gaze,
my eyes were still dazed
and my anaemic body,
caused a haze.

I woke up to a murder
of crows, waiting for me.
To feast on my flesh.
To eat me alive.
I woke up to a murder.

I woke up to–
A murder of crows,
cawing for more.
Their insatiable appetite
now wants my soul.
My lively, loving, beautiful soul.

I woke up to a murder–
Of crows gnawing on the
carcass, something that
once had been my body.
My entire self, my being.

I woke up to a murder.

Shreya Sharma is an undergraduate student from Chennai. She hopes to work in the media and the publishing industry someday.

Featured image: JJ Shev/Unsplash