Noise/s: What Do You Say If You Can’t Say Anything?

This is a two-part poem I wrote while attending to a family member struggling with a serious case of bipolar psychosis. Since the person could barely express anything in words,I tried expressing their inner turmoil on their behalf. ‘Noise’ expresses what the person suffering might be feeling from within and not what I felt in the process.



failing falls


feeling fatigue

faith fused with fear

resist, disappear

emerge, steer

lows of the highs

lowest loathsome, lonesome lows of those highs

any sleep benign never meets the eye

tension, tense

terse end


free from form

form a furore,

more fear


and less, and more



I repeat myself. I recycle and rot.

Sullied, silly, stoic – can I be all?

Can I crawl and recoil, wreathe myself in smoke?
I step back. I gain momentum. I fly.

No more falls.


What do we keep fighting within?

What if acceptance becomes another milestone for us?

We achieve it, live with it, but may never move on from it?

 Human nature would then be a tough thing to embrace, wouldn’t it?




I tried helping, I kept them warm

Disappearing on, dueling with, delving into

the sorely scathed self

they crossed their peripheries


Lost, responding

More loss, reasoning


Movement, at times, forms a picture.


the one painted isn’t the one I formed

it isn’t the one I wrenched out of my hurricane self

I cringed at the beginning, they cringed too, almost fought

the same fight along with me

“Will you play with me?” is what I must have heard.

My eyes have formed it already,

whether you come to

observe moments or years later,

my art’s been born,

mes amis.

Shivang Raina is a singer-songwriter, a poet and a non-profit professional who loves to climb mountains. You can follow his work on Facebook at Petrichor Inspires and follow him on Instagram @petrichor_inspires.

Featured image credit: Nathaniel Shuman/Unsplash