Sever My Passion

Apparently, I am a warrior, not a loser.
Yet like a guilt-ridden addict, I become an abuser.

An abuser incarcerated by his ambition.
I am my warden and I beg for thy permission.

Trap me forever.
Sever my passion and shield me from the terror.

The terror around inadequacy.
Sever my passion, lest I shall rise,
I shall rise again, only to fall theatrically.

Sever my passion, for hope, is a wicked mistress,
Heartbreak concealed by adrenaline is my recipe for distress.

My ego demands that I dust myself back up,
But she doesn’t know, the comfort, of being the failing duck.

Everything between stepping up and stepping back,
The ill-fated duel between abstain and react.

Vedant Bhardwaj Singh is a first-year law student at Hidayatullah National Law University, with a deep interest in creative writing.

Featured image: Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 /Unsplash