Summer Is Here

When salt water pours out of every pore,
When curd bids goodbye to the casserole,
When fans outwind the heaters,
When the couch becomes a single seater,
When the sun opens shop early,
When the cool breeze leaves the party,
When clothes dry before they hit the line,
When the muscular potato-onion pair give juicy veggies a scare,
When the gentle papaya bows down to the Indian king of fruits,
When the cotton bedsheet overthrows blankets in a midnight coup,
When the scrumptious lunch plate gives way to salads, in despair,
When ice-cream asks soups to go and hibernate,
When dehydrated plants struggle to smile evergreen,
When tumbleweed rolls where once happy bikers rode,
When coats and full sleeves are asked to retire,
And when sweaters and scarfs are fired,
Then we know that summer is here,
And the sun is enjoying throwing us all out of gear.

Sreeyantha is a person who sees the world in all the colours of the rainbow. A creative homemaker who wishes to capture the universe’s beauty in poems, paintings and short essays. You can read a collection of her poems here.

Featured image credit: Bruno /Germany/Pixabay