Tea: My Only Constant

As heavy rain pours,
The smell of wetland soars,
I prepare a cup of tea,
And capture the moment to eternity.

When I get to see the face,
I lost with time and space,
A cup of tea helps break the ice,
And bring back memories warm and nice!

Exhausted and tired,
When I come home uninspired,
A cup of tea and the warmth of my tribe,
Helps rekindle my impassioned vibe.

Cozy in bed when I lay,
Often on a lazy Sunday,
A good old book with a cup of tea,
Is simply a divine glee!

Happy and upbeat, whenever I feel,
Often after having a delicious meal,
A cup of tea is what I crave,
To amplify happiness with another wave.

In moments high and low,
Whether things are quick or slow,
A hot of cup of tea is what feels right,
The only constant to make things bright!

Furqaan Jafri is a student at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), and is passionate about writing.

Featured image: Mukul Wadhwa/Unsplash