The Permanent Scars of Childhood

Trigger warning: This article contains details about child sexual abuse which may be triggering to survivors.

And all of a sudden you sit there numb,
staring into the blankness,
turning a deaf ear to your own silent screams,
trying to forget how you had let yourself succumb
to the fear that made you go mum,
to that scum of a man
who let you feel glum,
trying to fight that void,
which reminds you of how your naivety was destroyed.

That want for lust,
fills you with disgust.
His hands strangled your innocence.
Because of his insolence,
he shall crave for reverence.
They questioned your prudence,
when they only believe
in the semblance.
For inflicting on another being
such a grievance,
no god shall accept any penance.

Your childhood,
now suddenly seems like a falsehood,
because your plight was misunderstood.
Did that maturity lead you to victimhood or womanhood?

But, the sun will rise
and with its rays shall all your sighs
be gone.
You will then be reminded
of how you grew to touch the skies,
and not the days you despise,
of how you were strong and wise
to not let abuse jeopardise
your identity.
Your wavelength
with yourself
is your strength.

Maryam Fatima is a 19-year-old student based in Hyderabad. She tweets @Maryam0205.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty