The Revolution That Will Never Come to Us

These four walls are exhausted

with listening to our over-intellectualisation

of every problem.

These four walls

want more than our feeble words

that never slip through the cracks,

but are instead safely held together by its arms.

No, these walls want to be broken down

brick by brick;

they want to weep all the cement out of them.

They want to be demolished

with our anger,

with songs of protest,

and our poetry.

These walls want to be reshaped,

hung outside down,

moulded with new ideology —

ideology that forces change

within its very foundation.

But how do you change the foundation

when the foundation protects you from change?

Saranya Subramanian is a 21-year-old student of English literature at Ashoka University. Find her on Twitter @ButIWantPasta and Instagram @saranyalolz

Featured image credit: Paweł Czerwiński/Unsplash