The Scar of Toxicity

Bonds stay forever, they say,
But with every thorn, it deepens the scar,
The scar of toxicity.
Still, days without them seems incomplete,
Striving for every bit of their attention,
Why are you still proving your worth?

Every time you are by their side,
You feel secured by their pinions,
The hunger of lust overtakes your bond,
Slowly turning it into a withered flower,
With all the cells dead inside,
When will you get through it?

With every level of intoxication,
The soul gets relieved,
The chains of insecurity start building within,
Self respect droops,
Lies and dishonesty is what you receive,
Is this how you wanted to treat yourself?

Break the fallacy you have heard,
Let them now explore your imperfections,
Leaving every piece of lust and covet
The incredible loyalty they showed,
Let that incredibility not sway by your side!
Inhale the love and exhale the hatred.

Adna is a student of psychology and a writer who has a profound interest in topics related to mental health and taboos followed by society.

Featured image credit: russcotc0/Pixabay