The World of Colours

My world has been noir since I was born,
I can’t tell apart dusk from dawn.

I can tell the difference between a triangle and a square,
What is hot and what makes something cold, I am aware!

It is the fascination with the beauty of sunrise I can’t comprehend,
I can’t make out it if you’re blond, brunette or a red head?

I hear the sound of rainfall, I get the joy it brings,
I love the smell of the wetlands and the music of the songs that a cuckoo sings.

I remember being little and confused, the warm embrace of my mom,
Her attempts at telling me what are colours cool and warm,

She explained what is light and what is dark,
That leaves are of colour green and brown is a tree bark,

She told me I was brown, tall with jet black eyes,
I had a shiny bright smile, with teeth, the colour of rice,

If only she knew I looked at the world with eyes of my own,
My thoughts, my imagination and scripts unknown,

Red to me is the unbreakable substance much like the bench of my school,
Yellow has soft creamy structure, much like snow, mushy and cool.

Black, I have felt is always pointy and sharp,
White on the other hand, is fragile and warp.

Rainbow is a blend of textures, surfaces and smell,
When held in the palm, it has an array of stories to tell!

Come to think of it, my mom was indeed right,
The world of colours is truly lovely, beautiful and bright!

Furqaan Jafri is a student at Ahmedabad University and is passionate about writing.

Featured image credit: Unsplash