We Have All Lost Someone

We have all lost someone
We loved or knew by name;
Very few have lost none
And some have lost the same.
Though the depth of losses
May differ, the despair
In all of our houses
Is evenly felt and shared.

The lament for the dead
And for those who may die,
Playing in our numb heads,
Can’t be tuned down or bribed.
How much can they offer –
Bid for those who have died;
For our hearts that harbour
Vacuities of the sky!

Time may change this sorrow
To seeming joy and glee
But forlorn and hollow
Our lives will ever be.
Like the flower whose few
Bright petals fall in rain,
We will be alright too
But never whole again.

Shristi Gautam works as a consultant in one of the Big Four consulting firms in Bangalore. Poems find a way to her heart, and she often finds herself penning down poems and short stories. She strives to imbue her life with the essence of love and benevolence – about which she also writes occasionally on her Instagram @_shristigautam.

Featured image credit: natureworks/Pixabay