We’re Letting Greed Overpower Need

People like you and me,
Live comparatively lavishly.
It’s likely for us to meet our desires,
But it is near impossible for those in shabby attire.
It’s an imperfect world, and these imperfections cannot be admired.
Poverty rates are just getting higher.
Can’t feed the poor but have millions to invest in war,
We are fools to think this investment will yield monetary returns
Then what for?
Instead, poverty should be considered evil,
Letting others live in dangerous conditions, sometimes even fatal
That’s certainly not peaceful.
But this issue can be terminated, we can reduce this destruction
With the right intent and near-perfect execution.
In the end, we are all humans,
We just pretend to ignore this situation, letting greed overpower need.
But just try to see life through your heart,
As sometimes the heart shows us what is invisible to our eyes.


Featured image credit: Matthias Meyer/Unsplash