Why I’m Proud of Being Called an ‘Anti-National’

Asking bold questions on policies
Instead of thumping and caressing the regime’s ego
Speaking truth to power
Instead of being silent out of fear and uncertainty
Believing that the country does not belong to one religion, one idea and one leader
Instead of submitting one’s soul and conscience to the immoral authoritarian project
Condemning state atrocities on socio-economically disadvantaged groups
Instead of supporting unethical and barbarian acts in the name of religion and capitalism
Going against the majoritarian wave to find solace in rationality
Instead of blindly following hate-filled propaganda
Makes me ‘anti-national’
Then I am proud to be called an ‘anti-national’.

Sonit Surana is an undergrad student pursuing Engineering from Howrah, West Bengal. He likes to extensively read and write on socio-political issues, and believes in using art as a mirror to reflect truth to society.

Featured image: Pariplab Chakraborty