Being A Doctor In My Country

It all started with a dream
People telling me that I would be society’s cream
And yet here I am writing this because of my unheard scream.

Finding home in people’s wellness
Working hard and whetting prowess
Only to be pushed away from kindness.

Away from my loved ones to protect yours
Not a second does it take for you to get cross
With any thoughts.

When I am showered with violence
You toss and turn in silence
With no value for my existence.

No, do not call me a god
When you recover
Because I am eventually called a fraud
Even after every attempt to cure and uncover.

Put me on a pedestal, did I ask?
Drag me down to the dirt now that you’ve removed your mask
In light of convenience and on the chair of indifference, you happily bask.

‘You may be attacked’ – add it to my syllabus
‘You may die’ – it is synchronous
Sorry, I was nothing but meticulous.

How am I to do my duty living in constant fear
No protective gear to steer clear
Drops down my cheek, an invisible tear.

Who will want to study medicine in the future?
With a blind eye and a deaf ear turned by the legislature
Hurting I am, boiled down to a caricature.

Don’t you see the dying compassion
A result of your insensitive and irrational reaction
I plead, stop being an obstruction to my profession.

I beg of you, do not make me less of a doctor
Like you couldn’t care less and it doesn’t matter
It’s time we act now than regret later.

#EndViolenceAgainstDoctors #ProtectTheDoctor #SaveTheDoctor

Meghana Reddy Tandra recently finished her MBBS in Hyderabad and is now studying for her PG entrance exams.

Featured image credit: Engin Akryurt/Unsplash