On International Women’s Day, This Artist Brings Alive Tribal Women’s Anger Against Forced Eviction

Recently, the Supreme Court (SC) ordered the forced eviction of more than one million tribal and other forest-dwelling households from forestlands across 16 states after the government failed to defend the validity of the Forest Rights Act.

Since then, tribal people from all over the country have been up in arms against the judgment, holding protests in different parts of the country. Even though the SC has temporarily stayed the order, agitations against it continue.

Ahead of international women’s day, the community called for a ‘Bharat Bandh‘ to protest against the anti-environment and anti-tribal nature of the SC order. At the protest site, Delhi-based artist Pariplab Chakaravarty made a series of charcoal sketches capturing the accumulated anger of women belonging to the tribal community.



Pariplab Chakraborty is a 22-year-old artist and documentary filmmaker based in New Delhi. Find him on Twitter @pariplabv, Instagram @pariplab_chakraborty, and Facebook.