What we’re looking for:

• Personal essays
• Movie/ TV-show/ music reviews
• Poetry
• Art and visual work
• Music or satirical videos or audio/podcasts
• Pieces on political or current events – ideally from a personal angle
• Campus issues – student protests, curfews and strikes, quality of education, housing issues, accessibility issues, etc.
• Discussions on mental health
• Socio-economic and cultural issues encountered by the youth (climate change, jobs, education, discrimination, policy, law and order – anything and everything as long as you can tell us why it matters to you!)

Writing guide:

• THERE IS NO DEADLINE – you can send pitches/articles/poems throughout the year
• Article length: ideally between 500-800 words
• Include a 2-3 sentence description of your piece
• Write it like you’d say it. Short sentences are always better than long rambles
• The thesaurus isn’t your friend, but the dictionary is
• Pics or it didn’t happen (JK, but try sending credited images with captions)
• We’re not an academic journal. Do not send us academic pieces
• Do not submit pieces you’ve submitted elsewhere

What makes a good argument?

• Don’t just describe something; tell us what you’re thinking and feeling – why the topic matters and relates to you personally
• The Socratic method is your friend; make sure your arguments follow logically. Just because it makes sense in your head, doesn’t mean everyone else will get it too
• Address at least one counterpoint to the argument you’re making – it’ll make your piece more impactful and engaging
• If you’re making assertions, back them up with evidence and links (we need those receipts!)

LiveWire is all about starting conversations and sustaining them. Follow-up, engage, debate. It’s healthy!

Send your ideas, pitches and submission to: [email protected]