‘Bunch of Thoughts’: A Political Rap on Anti-CAA, NRC Protests

The videos of police brutality and violence in Jamia and elsewhere in the country run in the background as a musician, in a new music video, says, “kyun deshprem me gaaliyaan tu bakti (why do you abuse in the name of nation-love)

On December 21, Delhi-based musician Samar released a music video titled ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ on YouTube by his band – New Delhi Revival. In the three-minute long video, Samar raps about the violence against the anti-CAA, NRC protestors, the “neo-nazis” of the country as he calls it, and a culture of shutting down those who dare to dissent.

According to Samar, the video was mass-flagged by many right-wing supporters, prompting YouTube to age-restrict the video.

The music and lyrics are by Samar. The visuals in the video have been shot by Rohan Ranganathan, Katyauani Prabhakar, Aadya Pandey and Arjun Sundarram. The video has been edited by Tasha Jaiswal and produced by Chaitanya Bhalla.


Featured image credit: YouTube screengrab