‘Chal Pada’: A Ballad On Overcoming Mental Health Problems

Depression. Anxiety. Setbacks. Low phases.

We’ve all faced some or all of these in our lives, with varying extents and durations. Few people succumb to these, while a lot of people fight their way out. Some derive strength from within and some seek help from others. It’s a long and arduous process. But do we celebrate this extraordinary journey of moving on?

In my first original song titled ‘Chal Pada’ as part of the album Project SWA, I trace the journeys of five protagonists who have seen many storms and bravely fought them. Dropping out of institutions, being a rebel, dealing with perennial anxiety, taking responsibilities of adulthood and having sensory disabilities have not stopped these people from moving forward and succeeding in their lives. For me, this song is a multitude of emotions – uncertainty, release and happiness.

The music video is directed by Sidak Singh and the song is composed and produced by Prasanna Suresh. Project SWA, where I have worked as a singer and curator with different composers, is where I intend to tell eight stories through eight different songs. The other videos will soon release on my YouTube channel.

Anurag Mishra is a singer and songwriter based in Mumbai

Featured image credit: YouTube screengrab