43 and Learning…

A scene so relatable!
How did the self become so questionable?
Such words that are relevant,
Had made me adamant,
To seek a definitive self,
Not to be known as someone else’s help.
At 43 thus I start,
To find a passion, a hobby, an art.
And so, I write of my inner fright,
Pouring out words mirroring others’ plight.
But I still find a hole within,
A wish to make a difference.
An opportunity knocks on my window pane,
I grab it with all my might,
With lives of future generations in sight,
I am off to the classroom once again.

Sreeyantha is a person who sees the world in all the colours of the rainbow. A creative homemaker who wishes to capture the universe’s beauty in poems, paintings and short essays. You can read a collection of her poems here.

Featured image:  Kenny Eliason / Unsplash