A Couple of Questions

A couple of questions
Arose once in frenzy
To go out, find and seek.

Search the social screens, they did
Roam the restros and roads, they did
In circles and squares, they did ask

In despair the questions remained
Till questions larger, broader joined
And soon became a frenzied bunch

Over explanations the bunch rode
Stalled briefly amidst a jungle of lies
Mobbed by tractor-loads of factors
To emerge finally at the base
Of the huge Narrative Wall

The Wall they attempted to scale
(A demanding, exhausting trail)
To get at last glimpses tantalising
Of the answers held within

When, from somewhere
The loudspeakers boomed
“Yours is not to question why”

Deepak Manchanda writes and strategises about consumer branded packaging for corporates. He likes to express himself with poetry on the side.

Featured image: Ilkka Kärkkäinen/Unsplash