A Hate-Mongering Serpent

ever since time existed
civilisation has been a shape-shifting creature
always turning into unimaginable beings
birthing and eating its own descendants
progressing and destroying each of its manifestations.

in my country
it’s a hate-mongering saffron serpent nowadays
becoming increasingly intolerant of
indigenous tribes, faiths and communities
who are protectors of jal, jungle zameen
spewing venom on halal and hijab
neglecting the extents of mehangai and mithya.

its sharp fangs have been biting
every dissenting tongue
in the hope of lulling them into silence
forcing them to chant ‘jai shri ram
but some of us are so stubborn
that we shout ‘jai maa durga‘ or ‘inquilab zindabad
in retaliation
because goddesses must be worshipped
and revolutions must be revived.

our Chanakyas are only interested in
forming governments, polarising brains and dividing people
they do not heed their motherland’s cries
to save the messengers
who have been attacked and killed
from Ballia to Burari
from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

as if it was not already enough
to break the promise of safekeeping
they have stripped the citizens
of their dignity and defiance
we have seen your nakedness
and as we witness the colonisation of our home
we will continue our resistance.

messengers will keep delivering messages
of urgency, hope, and, above all, love
no matter how much poison
the serpent spills into the Ganga
flowing through our veins.

Aaditya Pandey is a student of Journalism in Delhi. He reads a lot about art, culture, and politics, and thus, consequently, attempts to write sometimes.

Featured image: Josephina Kolpachnikof/Unsplash