A Love Letter to the Himalayas

Whatever I be,
No more than a child you see
In front of you.
You guided the first omens
Sheltered those on path to divinity
You must have seen our stories end
A thousand ways,
Seen the new beginnings of endings alike.
Can you hear me talk?
I know sound travels through you too
Do you feel winds as I do, ruffling though my hair?
Will you remember my name if I tell you?

O Himalayas!
Baroque and breezy,
Like a chameleon, you change your hues–
Golden-yellow dashed across your crest from the rising sun
White clouds engulfing you shine in resplendent noon
Lily pink you gather of lavender evenings and
Bathe in pearly gaze of full moon.
Your beauty is unmatched
But to my lover’s rouge.

My alp!
What are you hiding behind that maze of snow?
Do my Gods reside in you?
Who but you,
Know the secrets of lost lands
Kingdoms you bore and kings you bred.
Mighty mountains…
Do you like the limitless sky
Or do you crave for the deep bosom of earth?
Your sliver of ice
Says a story of a thousand words
You are my solace and my refuge
Can’t you stop us from damaging you?

Latika Sehajpal is working as an Officer in the Himachal Pradesh government. She likes to write and paint.

Featured image: Abhinav / Unsplash