A Nihilistic Afterlife

Cries are comestible.
Our compassion is a cuisine.
Panic is an entrée.
Our Agony is a meal.
Our emotions, our life has a taste.
The trending flavour these days is misery.
You think you are living a life.
But you are actually just a recipe.
Our life, our experiences are just flavours.
The earth is just a factory.

They sauté our guilt.
They fry our disgust.
They flambé our fear.
They braise our lust.
Our intellect is just a nosh, sold on dirty carts.
Our perversion is viand, and is served on a yacht.
Once your journey end’s here,
your soul will be served in a plate to THEM.
Your soul may be a delicacy in the afterlife ,
or maybe it’ll just end up in a garbage can.

Umang Dureja is a jocund soul with a somber mind. He can be reached on Instagram @umang.dureja

Featured image credit: Unsplash