A Parched Self’s Call to Nature

I shall walk amongst thine hills, O Mother!
My weariness is a cloak of stone that hangs from once-proud shoulders.
My spirit is a flicker of flame in a life storm that swept my anchor away.

I shall weep by thine seas, o Mother!
My Shoulders remain unbowed and I need them to quiver, shake and let go.
My eyes are too calm, they need to match strengths with the tide and let flow.

I shall seek peace in thine forests, o Mother!
My heart slumbers, I need it to scream, weep and lay to rest griefs new
My soul is parched, I need it to slake imposed thirsts, it needs forest dew.

And it may happen that the heavens spurn my silent pleas
But into thine bosom, o Mother, I shall come, and seek surcease.

Swapan Dholakia is a Communications veteran, a seeker who gets his highs through expression and exploring.

Featured image:  Angelo Casto / Unsplash