A Song For My Soul’s Reawakening

It’s difficult to fall asleep at night
Without the sound of lullabies
As thoughts permeate within my sight
A weight falls upon my eyes.

Whence did this simple joy become
A task that renders my heart numb
Why do I shriek at the very mention
Of all that scared me in the past.

Now that they have my full attention
They’re trying to make it last
For as long as my ears process sound
I try to flail like the man who drowned.

Unadulterated joys no longer fill my day
Nor do thoughts of pure delight
No unasked pleasure has come my way
I struggle to see my sorry plight.

When did I become a man that I despise?
My ego’s friends now visit me in disguise
It’s not time for me to pack my bags
This, sure as hell, I know.

Unclaimed territories upon which my flags
Have yet to flutter and blow
It’s not you who will tell me when to leave
There are still triumphs left to achieve.

Don’t leave my side, don’t go just yet
And leave at my own mercy
I am free and in no one’s chains or debt
Devoid of any controversy.

Stopped by the wayside, those who began
This journey with me, down to a man
I may have some more fuel and another plan
And end this race as the farthest who ran.

Mohul Bhowmick is a national-level cricketer and passionate writer. He is also pursuing an MBA from Osmania University and has published three books of poetry.

Featured image credit: Piyapong Saydaung/Pixabay