AMU: Ahead of a Debate on Article 370, Security Beefed up on Campus

The district administration, on August 7, deployed security personnel at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) after hearing that a group of students will organise a debate on the “Kashmir issue” and Article 370 of the Indian constitution.

The civil lines circle officer Anil Samanya told ANI that the decision was taken as a “precautionary measure” to avoid any unforeseen incident.

Besides, he says, the administration has deployed one company of rapid action force, civil police and provincial arm constabulary on  campus to maintain law and order.

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Senior Superintendent Police Ashok Kulahari told PTI that his team has been “keeping a strict vigil” at AMU since Wednesday.

While district administration has beefed up the security, the college administration has advised Kashmiri students to stay inside the campus for the next few days, the Times of India reported.

On August 5, the AMU officials instructed the hostel’s provost to inform over 1,000 Kashmiri students enrolled in different courses regarding the same.

According to the report, the AMU student union condemned the centre’s decision. The union’s president Mohammad Salman Imtiaz expressed shock saying, “The decision was taken without a proper debate or approval of the people of Kashmir.”

The union, as the report says, has decided to challenge the government’s move in a democratic and peaceful manner.

Featured image credit: PTI