At Karnataka College, Students Made to Wear Cardboard Boxes During Exam

What would a school/college do if every effort to stop students from cheating in exams failed?

Bhagat Pre-University College at Haveri district, Karnataka, came up with a rather ‘out-of-the-box’ idea.

As students walked into the examination hall, invigilators asked them to wear a cardboard box over their heads. Soon after, Satish Harur – member of the college’s management committee – entered the hall and posted a picture on Facebook saying: “It’s our college’s midterm exam today. That is PU College, Haveri.”

According to News18, the college management stated that a lot of students had allegedly cheated during last year’s exam despite repeated warnings. Hence, this time, the college asked students to wear boxes on their heads.

Immediately after, the state government issued a notice to the college seeking an explanation for making students wear boxes during exams.

“We have clearly told the management to give a written explanation and if this kind of incident is repeated in the future, the department will cancel the license of the school,” S.S. Piraje – deputy director of the Public Instruction Department – told News 18.

Featured image credit: Facebook