Band-Aids for Broken Dreams

Wipe your tears, honey,
Pull yourself together;
Shattered dreams and open wounds
Make up most of the adulthood
So, pull yourself together.
Slap a band-aid on your broken dreams
And carry on, just carry on.

Can’t hold back your tears anymore?
So scream and cry and throw things
At the wall, till they break
Like your heart;
But pick yourself up, honey,
Always pick yourself up
‘Cause nobody’s gonna do that for you.
You gotta heal yourself, honey
Be your own saviour
Fix yourself and face the world again.
So slap a band-aid on your open wounds
And carry on, just carry on.

When the world turns its back on you
And you feel like everything’s going wrong
When you have no place to call home
Have no friends to call your own:
Hold yourself a little tighter, honey,
Hold yourself a little bit tighter.
When you have no shoulder to lean on
Be your own support.
And you’ll fall, honey, you’ll fall so hard
And it would hurt so bad.
You’ll fall and hurt yourself, honey
But you’ll stand up again
And fix yourself and fight for your place.
So, slap a band-aid
On everything that’s hurting
And carry on, just carry on.

Debolina Motilal is a B.Com graduate and CA aspirant from Kolkata. She writes sometimes to make sense of everything going on inside her head. 

Featured image: Pixabay