The highs are high
Like looking down from the edge of a mountain
Like being on top of a ferris wheel
Like staring down from the window of a plane.

The lows are lower
Like dancing at the edge of the mountain and slipping
Like the ferris wheel going out of control
Like a plane coming crashing down.

The highs are great
Like sunshine after weeks of rain
Like being happy after weeks of sadness
Like seeing your favourite person.

The lows are worse
Like the sunshine turning into a famine
Like the moments of happiness getting killed
Like seeing your favourite person for the last time.

The highs full of joys
Like the smile on the face of a beggar when he gets food
Like a father seeing his child for the first time
Like a man waiting for his woman at the end of the altar.

The lows are full of sadness,
Like the sadness of other beggars because they did not get the food
Like a father realising the mother died in childbirth
Like the man seeing the woman he loves does not love him back.

There is high in the lows
There is a low in the highs
Sometimes the highs do not come
Sometimes the lows do not end.

It just never ends
The cycle continues
Until it consumes you
Until you become one.

Sauleh, who goes by the pseudonym Chilaikalaan, is an 19-year-old from Srinagar. He is pursuing his bachelor’s in Psychology, Sociology, and English. He spends his free time reading and writing. You can read his other works at

Featured image: Ave Calvar/Unsplash