Single women – what are they doing?
They’re not mothers, nor wives, nor nuns… What do they do,
what do you do after work? When you go home
No one to cook for, no one to clean for? What will you do with all that money?
No boyfriend! Who do you dress up for?

Is she talking to you, young man, old man, married man, single man, man…
Why would she approach you, don’t you get it? Keep your guard
Maybe she’s needy, definitely she is needy, unguarded.
She roams, she writes, she flirts, she prays
Who is her God?

Do you live alone? How do you do that?
The neighbour looks, something is missing in the picture
Get married dear,
show a man, get an identity
it’s disturbing, it’s mind boggling, I can’t understand you!

You’ll die alone and lonely,
It’s a curse, the mother dwells,
so is my marriage, she confesses.
Look at her, is she a witch?
No, no, she is just not married yet.
Don’t worry, we’ll find you a man, we’ll tie you off!

Bincy Mary George is a social science researcher.

Featured image credit: Pariplab Chakraborty