Breaking Our Closets

‘It’s just a phase you’re going through’
Told me the one I trusted most,
‘You’re insane’, ‘you can’t break nature’s law’,
Pounded my head, the social ghost.

Screaming in silence, my muted mouth no one did ever hear,
In secrecy, my love grew, stranger outside was my dear,
Why is my gender an abuse to you, why can’t I paint my nail?
Narrowing your eyes to me, every time without fail.

Previously I was illegal, now legal and still not approved,
By the prejudice of you all; have your brains still not improved?
Some blame my mother, some reject my father’s talk,
Forced to make a choice, away from home I started to walk.

Do I, to fit in, have to mismatch my natural colour?
So bland you are, just black and white, here I have a rainbow to cover,
When the fact remains the same, ‘love is love’, we all say,
Breaking our closets, we’re coming out,
accept us.

Ankit Soni is an ex-NDA cadet who considers poetry as his escape.

Featured image credit: Steve Johnson/Unsplash