Some days I forget to breathe,
the air in my lungs refuses to come.
My chest is so heavy,
that my rib cage cracks.
My heart is so weak,
that it forgets to beat.
I can’t feel my hands and legs,
for they have no purpose.
I see and hear,
but I can’t seem to watch and listen.
There is a silence,
that resides in me,
which makes me numb and number.
My screams are soundless,
and my existence even more.
I am stuck in a body,
that I no longer own.
I am trapped in a room,
with no doors.
I am a sanctuary,
where the trees are dying,
the birds have stopped singing,
and the riverbeds have dried up.
Some days I forget to breathe,
for some days I am cremated in my own body.

Megha is currently pursuing her Bachelors in English, Journalism and Psychology.

Featured image: Michelle / Unsplash