Broken Homes

What houses were ever built out of eternities?
They was never built to last.
In the wake of your threatened regime,
I stand stronger than any of you can.

Unarmed, without an army of savages
My revolution will pull you down.
Did you think you are stronger than me?
I’ve seen you break my home and homeland.

My clothes have been soiled, not only by the dust
But by the hope of building a new home
Right from this ground
Watch as I rise upon your fall.

We shall remember you,
As the weak man, you are
In the wake of a revolution
See how fragile your morals are.

The voices of your betrayal to the people
Will echo louder than your sinister plans.
Look how even in your worst tricks
Brave, I always stand.

Zainab Fatma is a student of MA in English Literature.

Featured image:¬†Video screengrab showing Afreen Fatima’s house completely razed. Photo: Twitter/AbuSheezu