Clothes that Belonged to the Tree

Brown bodied branches of the tenacious tree

are firmly holding these lifeless fabrics.

The sight is just plain, but beautiful!

These faded clothes whimper their secrets to each other.

I wonder how long it has been since they dried up brisking from the dreamy dews.

Did they fade away with each wash of detergent?

Or did they fade away from the sweat of human foundation?

I wonder.

                                            I wonder.

Revika Sangamita (she/they) is weaving their portrait of being a queer poet, storyteller and artist while residing amidst New Delhi. She embraces her mental health issues, healing, hope, grief and self love through poetry. They are a social work student who’s love for advocacy and activism never stops. Her work has been featured in Live Wire India, Outlander Zine, Bloom Magazine, Graveyard Zine, Evoke & Echo Literary Magazine and several anthologies.

Featured image illustration by Pariplab Chakraborty.