Commuting Via Mumbai Locals

As the train stops for some time,
Before its whistle chime,
Scores of people jump inside,
In search of any spot ant-sized.

Some at the station sigh and lament,
Having missed the train, in great torment,
Just an average day on Mumbai’s soil,
And its mundane working-class toil.

The scene inside the train is quite lively,
Groups of people singing bhajans sprightly,
Old men chatting about the day’s affair,
Youth sporting earphones, aloof, simply don’t care!

There are a few guests that tag along,
They only stay a couple of stations long,
Belts and wallets and watches they try to sell,
No for an answer, they don’t take very well.

There are a lucky few, who get a seat,
The glee on their faces, not remotely discreet.
They observe as you try not to get crushed,
When towards a vacant seat, people rush.

Traveling in locals is always a fun adventure,
Exhausting and taxing, albeit the venture,
So many lessons it every day teaches,
Before the destination one finally reaches!

Furqaan Jafri is a student at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), and is passionate about writing.

Featured image: Yash Bhardwaj / Unsplash