Coronavirus: Indigo Airline Staffer Faces Ostracisation in Her Locality

A Indigo Airline staff member from Kolkata posted a video on social media alleging that she and her mother are being harassed in her locality. In the video, she says that people are spreading rumours about her being infected with COVID-19, which she denies.

“We are being checked in and out. We are much more safe than you. I am taking all the necessary precautions and I’ll immediately see the doctor if I see any symptoms of the virus and will not go to work. It’s my earnest request to not spread the rumours,” she said.

The staffer, while sobbing, described how her mother isn’t able to go to grocery stores to buy essentials because of the rumours. Other crew members, she says, are also facing the same in their respective localities.

Indigo Airlines recently released a statement urging everyone to support the crew members and others in the service industry.

“We have taken every possible precaution for our crew to be protected from infection during their duties. We have adequate protocols for self-quarantine in place in case its required,” said the statement.


The local police has assured that legal action will be taken against those harassing the “heroes who fight for us”.

This incident comes a few days after the entire country banged pots and pans in their balconies to pay a tribute to all the service providers, who are working day and night to combat the rise of novel coronavirus in the country.